The Company

Zamagias, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is engaged in a broad range of business ventures including real estate development and management, healthcare resource management technology, banking and finance, and energy development.

Zamagias Properties, founded in 1987, serves as a premier commercial-real-estate company dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive environment for tenants, allowing their businesses to thrive. Tenants of Zamagias Properties, whether national companies, regional chains, or independent stores, are attracted to the superior level of leasing and management service found at Zamagias. In addition to leasing and property management, Zamagias Properties also is actively involved in the development of new real-estate projects. Zamagias Properties currently manages over 2 million square feet in retail, office, mixed-use, and student-housing properties.

In the healthcare sector, Zamagias focuses on helping hospitals become more efficient. Teletracking Technologies is a recognized world leader in patient-flow automation technology. Founded in 1991, TeleTracking has grown at an average rate of over 26% annually since 2003 and currently has over 1750 patient flow solutions installed in over 800 hospitals in North America and Europe. RadarFind, a recently acquired subsidiary of TeleTracking based out of North Carolina is currently introducing a market-disrupting technology, Real-Time Locating Systems, for the healthcare industry.

In addition to real estate and healthcare, Zamagias has significant financial/banking expertise having co-founded Pennsylvania Capital Bank in 1990, Pittsburgh’s first de novo bank in 30 years. After it grew to an asset level of over $145 million in 11 years, Pennsylvania Captial was sold to Three Rivers Bank in 2001. (Three Rivers has since been acquired by Sky Bank, which in turn, was acquired by Huntington Bank.)

Zamagias also has made significant investments in energy production through ZHW Oil and Gas, focusing on the creation, drilling, and mining of numerous natural gas and oil wells in western Pennsylvania.

Zamagias, a uniquely positioned, multi-faceted company poised for growth.